Smart-Review: Home Treadmill Buying Guide (2016-2017)

Home Treadmills Buying Guide 2016-2017: This guide contains the best rated treadmills available in 2016-2017. Treadmills provide an excellent low impact method for walking or jogging. Walking is still considered one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises for people of all ages, body types, and fitness levels. As a fundamental form of aerobic training, walking […]

JLL S400

The JLL S400 Premium Treadmill is the latest in fitness equipment and has many different features and additions that make this an ideal treadmill for any home gym setup. The JLL is on par with many treadmills you would find at your local fitness center. Unlike many home models JLL provides superior functionality and a […]

Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill

A mid-range product that delivers superior performance over similar products. That will be the reliable choice for you. The Confidence Gtr Power Pro Motorised Treadmill is designed as a mid-range treadmill that comes with lots of features that compete with top-range treadmills but has a much smaller price tag. It is the best selling treadmill on […]